Ron Betts Custom Cues And 2-501 Airborne
Cues For Sale 
New Cue by Ron Betts signed and dated.  Deer Antler joint with a 3/8"-10 stainless steel joint pin.  Black ABS rings with a silver ring Bushka style below joint.  Maple prong with six ebony points.  Three short ebony points and three long ebony points with red and black veneers.  Black and silver rings at base of points above the wrap.  Leather wrap textured and stained crimson red.  Ebony butt sleeve with six large ivory diamonds.  Red, silver and red rings below butt sleeve.  Butt cap is natural linen.  The shaft is hard maple with a 13mm ivory ferrule and LePro tip.  This cue can be weighted from 18.6 oz. to 20.3 oz.
New cues Available.
New Cue By Ron Betts Signed.  Four Ebony Points into Birdseye Maple Prong.  Ebony Butt Sleeve with Natural Linen Butt Cap With White Accent Ring Above.  Black Lizard Print Leather Wrap.  Ivory Joint with Bushka Style Ring Work.  3/8"-10 Stainless Steel Joint pin.  Alum. Joint pronectors included.  58 1/4" Cue Length. 18.28 oz. with no weight bolt.  Joint Dia. .845.  Butt Dia. 1.280.  13 mm Ivorine III Ferrule with Triangle Tip. Balance Point 18 3/4" From Butt End.  High Gloss Urethane Finish.
New Cue By Ron Betts Signed Under Wrap. I Call This "Tuxedo" .  Ebony Prong and Butt Sleeve.  White Linen Based Material Joint and Ring Work With Black and White Accent Rings. Black Lizard Print Leather Wrap .  3/8"-10 Stainless Steel Joint Pin.  Joint Protectors Included.  Joint Dia. .845.  Butt Dia. 1.260.  Cue Length 58 1/4".  Cue Weight 18.18 oz. With No Weight Bolt.  Balance Point 18 3/4" From Butt End.  13 mm Ivorine III Ferrule With Triangle Tip. Butt Cap Has Some Grey Flecking In It And Looks Like Buck Horn.  High Gloss Urethane Finish. 
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