Gallery of past cues.
Ebony, Holly & Ivorine 3.

Purple Heart, Curly Maple & Osage Orange.

Birdseye Maple, Zebra Wood & Osage Orange
Birdseye Maple, Cocobolo & Curly Maple.

Birdseye Maple, Red Heart & Curly Maple.
Curly Maple, Rosewood, Holly & Cocobolo.
Bubinga, Cocobolo & Holly.
Osage Orange, Ebony & Red Heart.
Rosewood, Red Heart, Malachite & Deer Antler.
Osage Orange, Red Heart, Turquoise & Buffalo Horn.
Rosewood, Red Heart, Ebony & Malachite.
Birdseye Maple, Red Heart & Holly.
Cocobolo, Curly Maple, Paduck & Holly.
Ebony, Curly Maple, Bloodwood & Turquoise.

Curly Maple, Bocote, Ivory & Turquoise.
Ebony, Cocobolo & White Micarta.
Purple Heart  "Sneaky Pete"

Quilted Maple, Rosewood & Red Turquoise.

Purple Heart, Tulipwood, Curly Maple, Osage Orange & Black ABS.
Eight Point with Four Veneers, Birdseye Maple Prong, Textured Leather Wrap, Curly Maple Butt Sleeve with Cordia Diamond Shaped Inlays.
Pink Ivory Prong and Butt Sleeve with 44 Inlays of Yellowheart wood.  Textured leather wrap.
Cocobolo Bludworth style cue.  Alternate Ivory rings and joint, Micarta points and textured leather wrap.
Ebony Bludworth style cue.  Alternate Ivory rings and joint, Micarta points and smooth leather wrap.

Birdseye Maple Prong with Ebony Center Points and Veneers.  Holly Joint with Black Support Ring.  Leather Wrap.  Purple Heart Butt Sleeve with Cordia Diamond Shaped Inlays.  Holly Rambo Style Ring above Natural Linen Butt Cap.
Ron Betts Custom Cues And 2-501 Airborne
Eight Cocobolo Points (four high and four low)  in Birdseye Maple.  The Low Points have a black veneer on them.  Cocobolo Butt Sleeve.  Natural Linen Butt Cap With A Black Ring Above.  Natural Linen Joint with Black ABS Support Ring.   Four Large Micarta Diamond Inlays in the Butt Sleeve.  Dark Brown Lizard Print Tiger Leather Wrap.  Shaft is 12 3/4mm with matching Natural Linen Joint and Black ABS Support Ring.  The Ferrule is a Joe Porper with a LePro Tip.  Custom Cherry Wood Joint Protectors.   
  Birdseye Maple Prong and Butt Sleeve.  Bloodwood Points and Inlays.  Gold Leaf Diamond Inlays in Points and Butt Sleve.  Cocobolo Joint with Zebra Wood Support ring.  Zebra Wood Butt Cap. Gold Leaf RB initials in Butt Cap.  Black Leather Wrap.
Jatoba Prong and Butt Sleeve.  Tulip Wood Points and Inlays.  Red Heart Inlays.  Natural Linen Butt Cap.  Alternate Ivory Joint and Hoppe Ring.  Black Leather Wrap.
Holly Prong and Butt Sleeve.  Purple Heart Points, Inlays and Trim Rings.  Turquoise Inlays.  Natural Linen Joint and Butt Cap.  Black Leather Wrap.
Birdseye Maple Prong With Four Bocote Points With Brown, Red And Black Veneers.  Deer Antler Joint With Natural Linen Trim Ring And 3/8"-10 Stainless Steel Joint Pin.  Bocote Butt Sleeve With Natural Linen Trim Ring And Natural Linen Butt Cap With Trim Ring.  Black Textured Leather Wrap.